TMDL Compliance Through Volumetric Monitoring

As communities grapple with meeting MS4 and Total Daily Maximum Load (TMDL) requirements, they are faced with seemingly endless infrastructure improvement costs necessary to meet compliance goals. Without any idea of the annual volume of stormwater that is actually captured, it is simply a guess as to whether compliance has been met or not.

CBC Engineers and Associates, a KBJW Company, has devised a cost effective solution, in partnership with P4 Infrastructure, that will end the guess work. Our system integrates strategic stormwater management planning and water quality modeling tools with state of the art monitoring equipment capable of reporting real time runoff volumes. This results in documented regulatory compliance status which equates to long term infrastructure capital cost reductions.  To learn more, contact Todd Weik, PLA, CPESC, at 262-219-2938 or via email.