Surface Water Resources

Whether the design calls for traditional stormwater management systems or low impact green infrastructure installations, CBC’s staff of Engineers and Landscape Architects have the background and decades of expertise to meet the growing demand for innovative surface water treatment, conveyance and storage applications. The integration of CBC’s Environmental, Geotechnical and Civil Engineering services with traditional and non-traditional surface water management planning and design, creates a comprehensive approach that is applied to all projects from conception to implementation.

CBC Engineers can help with:

  • Storm Water Management System Planning and Design 
    • Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plans
    • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
    • Hydraulic Sizing of Structure using HY-8 or HEC-RAS
    • Conveyance and Storage Planning and Design
    • Green Infrastructure Planning and Design
    • Phosphorus Elimination System Planning and Design
    • Water Resource Evaluations and Impact Analysis
  • Floodplain Modeling and Stream Improvements 
    • Floodplain Evaluation and FEMA Submittals
    • FEMA LOMR and LOMA Submittals
    • HEC-RAS Floodplain Analysis
    • Stream Restoration Planning and Design
    • Drainage and Sediment Control Design
  • Regulatory Permitting Acquisition Services 
    • 401, 404 and NPDES Permitting
    • Regulatory Permit Procurement and Compliance
    • Grant Procurement
    • Stormwater Compliance, Permitting and Pollution Prevention (SPCC Plans)
    • Wetlands Delineation and Permitting
    • Jurisdictional Surface Waters Determination and Mitigation Plan Preparation