Specialized Engineering

CBC is proud of expertise in specialized engineering applications that range from acoustic analysis to solar panel structural design to forensic engineering assessments. The ability to assist clients with their special needs and problems is a focus that CBC is willing to engage in while other similar engineering firms are reluctant to engage in.

CBC Engineers can help with:

  • Forensic Engineering
    • Department of Transportation Services
      • Structural Design, Evaluation and Inspection
      • In-Place Load Ratings and Shape Evaluations
      • Backfill Design and Compaction Testing
  • Architectural Engineering
    • Solar Panel Load Analyses
    • Interior Acoustic Assessments and Design

  • 3rd Party Engineering¬†
    • Engineering Peer Review Services
    • Regulatory Compliance Evaluation
    • Non-Biased Engineering Evaluation Control Measures
    • Value Engineering Reviews
    • ACE Fiber Mixing, Observation and Certification