Mining Engineering Services

CBC’s engineers have extensive experience with providing comprehensive above and below ground mining engineering solutions that encompasses impoundment design, regulatory inspections and reporting, dam stability analysis, ground water impacts, and mining material handling operations. 



CBC Engineers can help with:

  • Engineering Design Services 
    • Reserve Analysis, Mine Feasibility and Planning
    • Hydraulic Barrier Designs
    • Subsidence Evaluations, Breakthrough Analysis and Pillar Design and Stability
    • High Wall Stability and Location
    • Coal Mine Refuse Impoundment and Slurry Cell Designs
    • Sedimentation Control Dams and Basins
    • Fresh Water Dams for Water Supply
    • Groundwater Recharge Impoundments
    • Waste Water Treatment Lagoons
    • Design of Reservoirs to Impound Wet Ash
    • Dry Ash Pile Design
    • Design of Ash Products for Use as Filters in Dams and Other Structures
  • Permitting 
    • Mine Permitting (401, 402 and 404, KYDSMRE, WVDEP, IDNR, OWR, NPDES)
    • Underground and Surface Permitting
  • Field Inspection Services (Link with Photo)
    • Surveying and Inspections
    • High Wall Surveying
    • Decant Pipe Inspections
    • MSHA and DEP 7-Day, Quarterly and Annual Inspections with Reports
    • Abandoned Mine and Land Reclamation and Liability Audits
    • Blasting and Seismic Evaluations
    • Breakthrough Analysis
  • Remedial Design Services 
    • Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and Ground Water Evaluations
    • Flood Control Structure Design
    • Rock and Soil Mechanics
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