Geotechnical Engineering

CBC has been providing geotechnical engineering, site soil assessments and laboratory services since 1995. CBC’s team of professional engineers and associates has extensive knowledge of the soil properties and environmental challenges specific to a wide range of institutional, residential and commercial projects throughout the Midwest.

CBC Engineers can help with:

  • Deep Foundation Improvements Design
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Geosynthetic Fabric Analysis and Design
  • Buried Flexible Pipe Analysis and Design
  • Retaining Wall & Abutment Design
  • Small Bridge Design Evaluation and Forensic Inspection
  • Foundation Design
  • Pavement Design
  • In-Place Load Ratings and Structural Calculations
  • In-Place Shape Evaluation
  • Structure Remedial Action Design
  • Buried Bridge Design, Load Rating
    and Installation Specifications
  • Headwall/Wingwall Design
  • Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE wall) Design
  • Truss Bridge Abutment & Wingwall Design
  • Reline & Rehabilitation Design (?)
  • Fitting Design and Reinforcements