Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plans

Village of Mount Pleasant, Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan
Village of Mount Pleasant, WI

A comprehensive storm water management plan for the Village of Mount Pleasant was completed that encompassed an area in excess of 36 square miles. The plan evaluated the Village’s storm water conveyance systems and storage facilities utilizing various complex hydrologic and hydraulic models that included, SWMM, HEC-RAS, and SLAMM. Specific infrastructure improvements were recommended to reduce storm sewer system surcharging and reduce non-point pollution impacts.


City of Brookfield, Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan
City of Brookfield

A storm water management and flood control plan was completed for the City encompasses a planning area of approximately 17 square miles. Detailed hydrologic, hydraulic system analysis, flood plain delineations and water quality evaluations were completed utilizing XP-SWMM, HEC-RAS, and SLAMM. Specific capital improvement projects were recommended to reduce and eliminate storm water related flooding problems and non-point source pollution impacts.


Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan – Underwood Creek and Dousman Ditch Watersheds
City of Brookfield and Village of Elm Grove, WI

Water quantity and quality analysis for the Underwood Creek and Dousman Ditch watersheds that affect the two communities was completed. The watershed encompassed 10.8 square miles. Hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality analysis, utilizing SWMM, HEC -RAS and SLAMM computer models,  was completed for the entire study area. System surcharge, overland flow, flood plain and detention pond analyses were completed