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Video Testimonials

The highest compliment any Client can give us is another opportunity to serve them. Over our 15 years of business we have developed some very solid relations with many Clients. CBC would like to extend an extra thank you to the Clients that have chosen to participate in this section of our website. The intention is for our website visitor to get to know some of our clients along with why they feel comfortable in continuing to do business with us year in and year out. As a viewer of these testimonials, you should find areas of our business that you might be able to use on an upcoming project.

Should you decide that you would like to have your company represented here on our website in the form of a Testimonial please contact our Director of Marketing - Joe Dennis @ 937-428-6150. This is a free service to any of our Clients to showcase their business and describe our working relationship. CBC will travel to you and we have all of the necessary equipment to produce the video and upload it to our site. All we need is your time.

CBC goes DEEP for new Courtyard by Marriott @ The University of Dayton

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd was involved in a major expansion of facilities at The University of Dayton in the mid 2000's. This expansion included a new baseball field, softball field and football practice field. It also included a Residence Hall, a Courtyard by Marriott and the expansion of The UD Arena where basketball is played. This case study will focus on the the Geotechnical Engineering provided by CBC to Concord Hospitality Enterprises Company who oversaw the building of the Courtyard by Marriott. The Danis Building Group was hired to build the facility. Deep Dynamic Compaction was the solution to improve the foundation for the new Hotel.

Impoundment Design - Mingo County, West Virginia

The Delbarton Coal Company required an impoundment design that over its life would hold an estimated 23,359,541 Cubic Yards of Slurry. CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. submitted an impoundment design that would be built in 7 stages (including the starter dam) over the estimated impoundment life of 26 years. This design required staged construction to raise the impoundment some 460 vertical feet to meet the storage requirement. This impoundment continues to be built to this day.

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