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Land Development Services

"Starting Over and Making a New"

So many of our buildings are aging, lost their usefulness and need replacement. For example old Riverfront Stadium then Cinergy Field used for both the Football Bengals and the Baseball Reds met it's demise after only about 30 years of service. This multi-purpose stadium was not what either sport really wanted and that was a more intimate and personal fan experience. Certainly one can argue if either stadium reached their goal by sitting in the nose bleed seats, however, both Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park are state of the art and have brought fans back to both franchises. Of course having winning teams and prospects for post season play may also have something to do with the fan base return.

Although this is a large example of redevelopment and taking something that is not seen as useful anymore and turning it into a new and successful use of land and economic development, this type of work goes on every day in every city around the US. From an old abandoned home to "dead malls" properties are demolished and new developments put in their place. CBC's Land Development Services really is geared toward helping the owner / developer assess their potential site and what will need to be done to meet all the EPA, DEP, FEMA, Corps of Engineers, MSHA, DOT and other agencies requirements and regulations in order to redevelop or in some case develop for the first time on a given site.

Pulling it All Together

CBC Engineers and Associates, Ltd. pulled our Engineering and Field Services together in order to partner with the owner / Photo Courtesy of The University of Daytondeveloper to help provide the most economical solutions to Environmental Mitigation and  Foundation problems while securing the required permits for the required project. Land Development Services is pulling all four (4) of our offices and their Engineering and Field Technician resources together to provide the Client with a full package of Engineering and Field Services capabilities.

For example CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. worked with the University of Dayton (UD) and their partners to develop the new UD Flyer's Baseball Field (Warner Cable Field), Softball Field, Football Practice Field Complex and parking lots. CBC worked for GBBN Architects and Danis Construction Group on this part of the project. UD then partnered with Concord Hospitality Services to build a new Courtyard by Marriott across the street from the new sports complex. CBC worked for Concord Hospitality Services on that part of the project.

Although the University of Dayton had owned this parcel of land for several years they had not developed the land before because of its known history as first a large quarry and then as a construction debris landfill in the 1950's and 1960's. This large parcel of land was the perfect size and location for what UD wanted to add to their Campus, but the foundation construction was going to be tricky at best and nobody really knew what they would find when construction began. And so CBC joined the team to set the design that UD envisioned in place. As expected the construction was difficult and required a lot of Environmental, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering as well as many soil borings and Field Construction Services. Here is what CBC did on this one project:

Photo Coutesy of Courtyard by MarriottLogo Courtesy of The University of DaytonPhoto Courtesy of The University of Dayton

    • Geotechnical Engineering Investigation.
    • Review of third party Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment.
    • Provided Deep Dynamic Compaction Design Under the Courtyard by Marriott.
    • Analyzed Sink Holes @ The New Football Stadium. (Caused by ground water)
    • Designed a Shallow Well Pumping System to de-water the area during storm events.
    • Compression Tests for Auger Cast Piers.
    • Monitored Well Closures.
    • Evaluation of an alternative pavement section.
    • Concrete Compression Tests for Marriott Foundation.
    • Engineering Evaluation of Underground Methane Gas in the Buried Debris.
    • Performed Soil Borings for the Planned expanded UD Arena Parking Lot.
    • Evaluation of Groundwater Infiltration @ the UD Arena.

    For more information on how CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. may be able to package services for your next Land Development in the Residential, Commercial, Schools, Industrial, Energy or Mining Markets do not hesitate to call our Director of Environmental & Land Development Services - Ed Galaska @ 937-428-6150. We look forward to working with you on your next Land Development Project.



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