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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Early Model Mobile Drill RigSince oil was discovered in the late 1800's and early 1900's, man has had a love for knowing what is beneath his feet. Good thing as today most everything we use has some mineral that has come from underground. This love turned into Geotechnical Engineering and today is the cornerstone of knowledge on the success of a project in its earliest form. If the soils below are contaminated, or are soft, or will swell, the costs to mitigate these problems could stop a great idea in its tracks. With Urban Sprawl has come the need to use up all of the available real estate and only the difficult sites remain. This makes Geotechnical Exploration one of the most critical steps in beginning a project.

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. was founded 15 years ago as a Geotechnical Engineering and Field Services lab. Geotechnical Engineering is glue that holds all the design and field services together. Today straight Geotechnical Engineering makes up a small percentage of revenue that CBC earns every year, however, some Geotechnical Engineering or Field Exploration is prevalent on every project we do. So, to say CBC is "More than Geotechnical Engineering" really means that Geotechnical Engineering allows us to do more than straight Geotechnical Engineering work as it applies to so many services we provide.

Technology has improved through the years to allow Geotechnical Engineers to do their jobs, however that basic need and desire to know what is beneath our feet has only gotten stronger. It is not uncommon for a 50 acre site to have 50 Borings or more that go to refusal (if there is any). Geotechnical Engineers with a lot of experience in certain geographies and geologies are as much an artist as an engineer or scientist. Where, why and how deep is all experience based knowledge that comes from practicing for a long time.

Drilling for oil and natural gas is a whole lot more exciting (& Costly) than taking 50 split-spoon and blow counts every 3 to 5 feet vertically. However knowing that your 10 story office building or your 50 foot span bridge is not going to fall down due to poor soils and settlement is the best insurance policy a developer in any market can buy.

However, Field Services' ability to retrieve the information and the Geotechincal Engineers' ability to take that information and determine bearing capacity, settlement possibilities, contamination, and ground water issues to ensure that the structure built above ground does not become part of the ground that supports it is extremely important. Following the correct procedures in the lab when testing soils, concrete, steel rebar or even the pH of water samples is vital for the Geotechnical Engineer to get the correct information to ensure the Clients project moves forward. CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. brings Field Services and Engineering seamlessly together to provide our Client base with the most reliable information that we can so all can make the best decisions.

Engineering Services

The following is a partial list of the engineering services that we offer. These engineering services cross the markets that CBC participates in.Dynamic Compaction

  • Bearing Capacity Analysis
  • Dewatering & Ground Water Monitoring
  • Landslide & Slope Stability Analysis
  • Soil Classification
  • Soil Consolidation Analysis
  • Dynamic Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Deep Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Building Foundation Design
  • Bridge Foundation Design
  • Cell Phone Tower Foundation Design
  • Coal and Aggregate Conveyor Tower Foundation Design

Field Services

Our Field Services operations are managed by Bill Robertson in our Centerville, Ohio Location and Tony Bowling in our Hazard, Kentucky Location. The two of them coordinate with all four offices to ensure that the needed personnel are where they need to be to collect the necessary data for our engineers to process. The following list represents some of our fields services:

  • Drilling ServicesConcrete Compression Test
  • Full Site Observation Services
  • Subgrade and Foundation Investigation
  • Soil Compaction Testing
  • Field and Laboratory Concrete Cylinder Testing
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Structural Steel Connection Testing
  • Laboratory Testing of Soil & Rock Samples
  • Fire-Proofing Testing & Observation Services
  • Buried Flexible Structure Shape Observation
  • Buried Flexible Pipe Backfill Inspection and Compaction Testing
  • Mining Survey & Stake Out
  • Plant Layout
  • High-wall Location

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. is ready to put our expertise to work for you. We look forward to serving you again soon. If you have a project or are in need of assistance in the area of Geotechnical Engineering please call our  Chief Engineer - Mitch Hardert @ 937-428-6150.

Flowable Fill Used as BackfillCracked Concrete CylinderFloor Flatness TestingNuclear Density Testing

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