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Dam & Mining Services

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. provides a wide range of Engineering Design and Field Services for projects involving Fresh Water Dams to projects involving Coal Impoundment Dams used to store the Slurry that is a bi-product of washing the coal before further processing. CBC also provides services from Mine Feasibility and Planning to Abandoned Mine Reclamation Design. The Coal Industry has become one of the most regulated Industry in the country with rules and regulations resulting in routinely changing permitting requirements. Coal continues to be the most reliable energy source in America as it generates nearly 45% of all Electricity (see figure on right) and accounts for approximately 40% of all energy produced. The best burning coal (Highest BTU / unit burned) is Appalachian Coal. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of West Virginia some nearly 300,000,000 Tons of coal are mined on an annual basis. Add Pennsylvania and Virginia and nearly an additional 100,000,000 Tons come out of this region every year. This accounts for nearly 40% of all US coal tonnage produced on an annual basis. However with Appalachian Coal producing more BTU per unit this region of the country is providing the most resulting energy of any region in the country, but at the same time this region of the country continues to be regulated more than any other part of the country. This microscope over Appalachian Coal makes our Client and Agency relationships that much more important in order to survive the extra regulations and abide by the policies currently in place while providing our Clients with the most economical design solutions.

All four of our Offices are involved in the coal and mining industries. CBC has developed many professional relationships with regulatory agencies like MSHA, EPA, Corps of Engineers, and state agencies like West Virginia DEP and Kentucky DNR. We devote much time to getting the details in planning and permitting correct and pride ourselves in staying creative in solving problems even with the tighter regulations.

Impoundment Dams and Slurry Cells

This design work is critical to the overall operation of the Coal Industry and the Environment. Both of these design methods store the Slurry (water mixed with coal fines) for a period of time to allow the fines to settle out of the water and fill up the cell or impoundment. In most cases Impoundment Designs are preferred due to large amount of Slurry volume that can be contained and the number of years it will take to fill them. Due to the current regulations placed on coal operations, sites previously seen as unsuitable for impoundments, are now being considered as potential sites. Minimizing impacts to the environment and providing an area to dispose of the mined reject material is the key for impoundment or slurry cell approval through the reviewing agencies.  Once the Impoundment is built and working, the cleaner surface water is siphoned off and taken away in Decant Pipes down the hill side where the water may sit again in a settling pond before being released back into the environment. CBC provides these Decant Pipe inspections as the regulations for the individual mine dictates. CBC also provides 7 day, quarterly and annual inspections and reporting for most of the mines that we serve. Being in compliance is not just a once a year check by the regulatory agencies, it is almost a daily process where the operations of both the mining side and the preparation side are being reported and monitored.

CBC - A Comprehensive Mining Services Provider

In order to claim to be a full service provider to the mining industry, CBC has to be able to provide services from the time an idea enters into someone's mind until the day the mine closes its' mining operations and starts on reclamation of the site as shown in the picture below. This requires expertise in the organization from beginning to end and CBC has the talented engineers on staff and the field technicians to get the job done.

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. have worked for dozens of individual mines and some of the largest Coal Companies in the world in Kentucky and West Virginia. In addition we have worked for just about every major Electricity Producer in the Region as well. Adding our Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering capabilities makes us a perfect partner for most Coal Companies, Aggregate Companies and Coal Fired Power Plants.

Until an alternative source of energy is created and affordable, the US has Coal, that has powered this Country for over a century and will until something better and sustainable comes along. Our goal is to help all the vital companies that participate in providing the US with this Energy to do so in compliance with the latest regulations while helping our Clients achieve the most cost effective solution. Until another source of affordable energy is discovered and put to use, the world not just the US, will rely on Coal.

Heating & Lighting America



List of Mining Services

  • SurvCAD / HEC-RAS Modeling
  • Reserve Analysis Reclamated Land
  • Mine Feasibility & Planning
  • Unmined Mineral Taxes
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Barrier Designs 
  • Subsidence Evaluations
  • Breakthrough Analysis
  • Pillar Design & Stability
  • High-wall Stability and Location
  • AMD & Groundwater Evaluations
  • Mine Permitting (401, 402, & 404, KYDSMRE, WVDEP)
  • Underground & Surface Mine Permitting
  • Underground & Surface Mine Layout
  • NPDES Permit Preparation
  • Surveying and Inspections
  • High-wall Surveying 
  • Coal Mine Refuse Impoundment Designs
  • Coal Mine Slurry Cell Designs
  • Sedimentation Control Dams & Basins
  • Groundwater Recharge Impoundments
  • Flood Control Structure Design
  • Waste Water Treatment Lagoons
  • Decant Pipe Inspections
  • 7 day, Quarterly and Annual Inspections with Reporting
  • Fresh Water Dams for Water Supply
  • Reclamation Liability Audits
  • Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation

If you have any questions or would like to speak to an expert in the Mining Industry please call our Kentucky Coal Technical Services Advisor - David Hinkle @ 859-277-5300. Without what we do for our Coal Clients, the people of Dayton, Cincinnati, Charleston and Louisville would not be able to enjoy their life in their great cities - All Thanks To Coal!

City of Dayton, OHCity of Cincinnati, OHCity of Charleston, WVCity of Louisville, KY

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