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Civil Engineering Services

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. get involved in many different aspects of Civil Engineering as it relates back to providing Geotechnical Engineering guidance on any given project. Meaning we typically will not just design a concrete spread-footing for a small bridge crossing without the evaluation of a soil boring report of others or doing the borings ourselves in order to determine the appropriate allowable bearing capacity. CBC offers full design services around, Retaining & Abutment Wall Design (Bin Type, MSE, Driven Pile and Cantilever Designs), Small Bridge Design, Evaluation & Inspection (We Specialize in Buried Flexible Structures), and Geosynthetic Design (From Hard & Soft Armor Erosion Control to Soft Soil Improvement, including Steepened Slopes).

Along with these design services CBC also offers field services to serve both the upfront design and installation of the design by the contractor. We typically are retained by our Clients once the Design is completed to monitor that the contractor performs our design as intended. Our field services organization headed up by Bill Robertson in Centerville and Dirk Smith in Hazard provide monitoring so that our designs are accomplished in the field and we are there to help mitigate any unforeseen problems as quickly as possible.

A large percentage of our activity is actually performed well after a design has been performed and the contractor has long since left the project. CBC is called in on many "potential problems" or even "failures" to aid in the forensic engineering and design of the repair of the problem or failure. This service is truly performed across the entire markets we serve. This requires broad knowledge and vast experience to be able to provide this type of service.

Below you will find a listing of some of the services we provide in each of the above categories:

Retaining & Abutment Wall Design

  • Bin Type retaining wall design including burst strength analysis, global stability analysis, and foundation considerations.
  • Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE wall) designs including modular block and tilt-up panel systems with geogrid soil reinforcing. These designs require internal and global stability analysis as well as foundation considerations.
  • Abutment Wall Designs are typically used for a standard bridge crossing like a Truss Bridge used for Pedestrian or Vehicular traffic. These can be MSE, Driven Pile, and Reinforced Concrete and in some cases more than one.
  • Headwall & Wingwall Design for Buried Flexible Structures. These can be cast-in-place concrete, MSE or even Bin Type systems. Sometimes the best solution is not a wall at all but a slope collar and end treatment protection.

Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.

    Small Bridge Design, Evaluation & Inspection

    • CBC specializes in Buried Flexible Structure design, backfill monitoring, evaluation and remediation of older structures.
    • Foundation Design using cast-in-place reinforced concrete spread footings.
    • Other foundation designs such as pile foundations or foundation improvement for structures with their own inverts.
    • Hydraulic Sizing of structure using HY-8 or HEC-RAS. (typically required flow is given to CBC)Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.
    • Structural Design (AASHTO or AISI) Calculations and gage selection.
    • Backfill Design specific for the given application. The backfill width, type and minimum cover is determined for the given loading conditions.
    • Preparation of plans and specifications for the entire structure installation.
    • On-site shape monitoring of large span structures or large detention systems.
    • Perform Backfill compaction testing.
    • In-place Structure evaluation and inspection.
    • In-Place Load Ratings and Structural Calculations using field data.
    • In-Place Shape evaluation to determine if an older structure's geometry is stable.
    • CBC personnel helped develop MULTSPAN and SOILEVAL and these tools are used when an in-place inspection and evaluation is required.
    • Design remedial action to salvage in-place structures.

    Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.

    Geosynthetic Design

    Geosynthetic products have been used by engineers to advance designs of many different types of applications. CBC uses many products to aid in providing our customer with the most cost effective solution without sacrifice to design. In most cases using these products replaces old means of design and field modifications.

    • Foundation Improvement Design using geogrid is most useful. We use this approach to  improve bearing capacity under Buried Flexible Bridge Structures, Abutment Foundations, Building Foundations, and Roadways to improve the load carrying capability of the soils.
    • Erosion Control used to mean "silt fence", now it has evolved to replacing expensive rip-rap with a soft armor to a hard armor product. Both type products can provide for a "green" solution and get rid of the high maintenance and eye sore of rip-rap.
    • Steepened Slope Design uses the same technology as MSE walls however the facing is replaced by a vegetative facing eliminating the cost and proving again a "green" solution. These designs also use geogrids to strengthen the soil behind the slope face.
    For More Information on our Civil Engineering Services, please contact our Chief Engineer - Mitch Hardert @ 937-428-6150.

    Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.Photo Courtesy of CONTECH Construction Products Inc.

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