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CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. has penetrated many different, and on the surface, unconnected markets. This diversity is unique for a Geotechnical Engineering and Testing Lab Firm. "More than Geotechnical Engineering" is the closest way to describe in a concise way the markets that we serve. Even the major market segments that CBC is broken down into: Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Dam & Mining, Environmental Engineering, Land Development Services and Expert Testimony should give a feeling that there is something different about this company as compared to others in the markets they serve. However, there is a common thread that connects through all of the markets and the many Clients we serve and that is Geotechnical Engineering. Although entire companies have been built around just one part of our business, CBC has all of theses services under one roof, (actually 4 locations). Because of our unique blend of engineering experience and expertise, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. is able to approach problems differently, think outside the box and deliver a quality solution at a fair price.

H-Pile and Wood Lagging WallIf you are a current CBC Client, we thank you for your business, or if you are visiting us for the the very first time, please take a few extra minutes to look through all that we do. Chances are we do more than what you currently use us for or more than what you were searching for. One of the goals for CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. when launching this new website was to make it easier for existing and new Clients to see how many new ways we may serve them. Combining services for our Clients is not only convenient it typically saves money as job-site visits by engineering personnel and field technicians will drive the cost up in much of what we do. Combining these trips and doing more than one service while on site saves the Client money without compromise. Take some extra time on this page, it may save you money, but we at CBC believe it will definitely surprise you.

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Should you have any questions regarding our website or our Services Page, please contact our Director of Marketing - Joe Dennis  @ 937-428-6150.

Environmental Asbestos AssessmentIn- Place Shape Monitoring of Buried Flexible StructureAerial View of Coal Impoundment

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