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Dam & Mining Solutions

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. is known through out the States of Kentucky and West Virginia for our expertise in Coal Refuse Impoundment Design. Dave Cowherd, CBC's Chief Engineer, has spent a career in research and publishing papers on the subject. Coal mining and Energy Generation using Coal as the fuel continue to make this a very active industry despite the current "White House" policies against Appalachian coal. Through out the 2000's CBC strengthened its engineering and service capabilities and surrounded Dave with many talented engineers in 3 offices: Lexington, KY - Hazard, KY - & Hurricane WV.

Today we offer much more than impoundment designs although CBC continues to be one of the experts in this area of design work. Adding all stages of permitting, on-site inspection, surveying, layout, and environmental assessments, has allowed CBC to become a comprehensive service provider to the mining industry. Today we perform many 7 day, quarterly and annual reports for many Appalachian mines. We also do all the required decant pipe inspection required when the impoundment elevation over the top of the decant pipe triggers a MSHA regulation.

CBC continues to do design and inspection work in fresh water dams and reservoirs. Dam stability and overflow control piping systems age and require inspection and sometimes updating. New technologies have come out in this industry to help protect the downstream face from long term erosion. CBC is also active in this design work.

Design and inspection work at Energy Generation Plants continues to be hot as well as very few new plants are under construction even though many are tied up in the permitting and approval process. This keeps pressures on the 20, 30 and even 40 year and older plants to have to continue providing their services. CBC inspects many coal handling Buried Structures as well as Aggregate Tunnels used in the scrubbing process on an annual basis.

Should you have a need for Mine Services please contact our Chief Engineer, Mitch Hardert @ 937-428-6150.

CBC Designs Additional Slurry Storage for Betsie Branch Impoundment in Bell County Kentucky

This Case Study presents the design of additional stages for Betsie Branch Refuse Disposal facility owned by Nally & Hamilton located in Bell County, Kentucky. The site can be found on the Balkan and Varilla, USGS quadrangle maps. It is at 36º 45' - 23.2" North latitude and 83º 33' - 11.6" West longitude. The additional stages for the structure are to be constructed of coarse refuse with a final crest elevation of 1455 feet, providing approximately 7,127,271 cubic yards of slurry disposal to an elevation of 1439 feet. At the time of design, the facility consists of an existing embankment that had been previously approved to a crest elevation of 1352 feet, with an approved fine coal refuse elevation of 1340 feet.
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Impoundment Design - Mingo County, West Virginia

The Delbarton Coal Company required an impoundment design that over its life would hold an estimated 23,359,541 Cubic Yards of Slurry. CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. submitted an impoundment design that would be built in 7 stages (including the starter dam) over the estimated impoundment life of 26 years. This design required staged construction to raise the impoundment some 460 vertical feet to meet the storage requirement. This impoundment continues to be built to this day.
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CBC Aids WVDEP with Fresh Water Reservoir - Chief Logan State Park

Authorization to proceed with the evaluation of the Chief Logan dam was given in a letter from Dr. Eli Laidley McCoy, Director, WV Division of Environmental Protection, dated January 29, 1997. At the time the Chief Logan embankment was zoned a dam consisting of a central clay core with upstream and downstream miscellaneous soil and rockfill shells. The crest elevation of the embankment is 886 feet, the overall height of the embankment is 58 feet from the upstream toe to the crest, and the normal pool elevation is 870 feet. The embankment was constructed during June, 1995, through December, 1995. CBC was hired to to find out why the dam was not holding water creating the desired fresh water reservoir.
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