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Buried Flexible Structure Solutions

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. has over a hundred years of combined experience in dealing with Buried Flexible Bridges / Culverts. CBC's first Chief Engineer, Dave Cowherd,  published numerous papers as a result of research on the subject making him one of the experts in the field of buried flexible structure evaluation over his 40 year career. Mitch Hardert, CBC's current Chief Engineer has nearly 20 years of experience and worked under Dave Cowherd for nearly 17 years. John Corda co-authored and shared in the research of  many of the papers published by Dave Cowherd. John has over 40 of civil engineering experience and 25 years in evaluating buried flexible structures. Joe Dennis joined CBC in July of 2009 after nearly 20 years of experience with buried flexible structures in his career at CONTECH Engineered Solutions, LLC. where he also served as a liaison between CONTECH and CBC who became CONTECH's preferred third party engineer in the mid 1990's.  Today, CBC continues to be a preferred third party engineer for CONTECH and because of our experience, we work all over the country for DOT's, Cities, Counties, Developers and Contractors. CBC in some cases is brought into a project very early in the design process where we become the Engineer of Record to in other cases where we are brought in after the installation to aid in solving a problem or extend the service life of a structure through evaluation and remediation. See the first two link below for a recent publication and presentation by Mitch and Joe (and Jim Noll of CONTECH). 

CBC continues to help many DOT, Counties and other Owners and Agencies around the country with their Buried Structure programs. Our highly trained and experienced field technicians train the agency field personnel on how to take the proper measurements and the engineers on how to interpret the data. In many cases with the funding crunch at many government agencies, CBC might be hired to do this work directly still trying to teach our Client along the way. Using tools like MULTSPAN, SOILEVAL, NCSPA Data Sheet 19, CANDE, BRASS Culvert and current AASHTO load rating and structural calculation standards, etc, CBC is able to look at existing structures and help the owner assess whether the structure should be replaced or repaired. The ultimate decision is the owners, however, in most cases even some the oldest and worn structures can be rehabilitated in place without any disturbance to the traveling public. This approach also tends to save anywhere from 30 to 75% of the replacement cost.

Should you have a problem structure and you need an evaluation and a possible in ground repair solution or even if all you need is a load rating please contact our Director Business Development - Joe Dennis  @ 937-428-6150.

CE News Article - Practical Factors Related to the Inspection, Evaluation, and Load Rating of Installed Culverts (Noll, Hardert & Dennis)

OTEC 2012 Conference Presentation - Field Inspection, Evaluation, and Load Rating of Installed Corrugated Metal Culvert Structures (Dennis, Hardert, Noll)

Example of Buried Flexible Training Seminar

Evaluation of Buried Flexible Structures


CBC Visits Big Sky Country to Aid Montana DOT with Buried Flexible Bridge / Culvert Program

As part of Montana Department of Transportation's (MDOT's) comprehensive Culvert / Bridge Inspection Program, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. was asked to to inspect, evaluate and provide remedial action in required for some 30 Buried Flexible Culvert / Bridge locations that have been on the MDOT's watch list for several years. CBC was originally engaged by MDOT in 2005 when measurements were sent to CBC for analysis. The DOT recognized CBC's ability with the recommendations and evaluation of the data given and decided to include CBC in a comprehensive Buried Flexible Culvert / Bridge Inspection Program starting in 2006. To date, CBC has observed, evaluated and in some cases designed remedial solutions at some 30 locations for MDOT and today only a handful remain on the DOT watch list.
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CBC Aids NYSDOT with Buried Flexible Bridge Evaluation Program

In late summer of 2009, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. received a phone call from New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), Region 6. NYSDOT trying to be proactive in the requests of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), were in process of putting a culvert inspection program together similar to the already well established National Bridge Inspection System (NBIS). Although FHWA has not mandated this program yet, NYSDOT was preparing to launch their program. The call was to gather information to aid them in preparing their program.
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Pittston Avenue Sink Hole and Stone Arch Collapse - Scranton, Pennsylvania

Stevenson Environmental Services hired CBC Engineers & Associates, Inc. to aid in the repair, replacement and restoration of this historic stone arch. CBC supplied a horse-shoe arch shaped structure to reline the remaining stone arch built in the early 1900's. CBC then matched this horse-shoe structure shape using Aluminum Structural Plate for the open cut areas in need of replacement. Once the entire length of the original 240 foot long stone arch was restored and replaced, CBC provided the design of the slope repair over the top on the new structures.
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