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About CBC

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. was formed when the two owners Dave Cowherd and Al Banner, long time friends, decided it Starting Upwas time to work for themselves instead of somebody else as they had all of their 20 plus year careers to that point. Dave Cowherd had almost 30 years in the Geotechnical Engineering Business, published a few dozen papers on various subjects and was the Chief Engineer of another local Geotechnical Company. During this time, Al Banner came from a much larger company where he was in charge of integrating engineering, marketing and manufacturing. So on September 15th, 1995, both men retired from the life they knew to start a new adventure and CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. opened its door for business with no furniture, a single phone line and 4 employees including Al, Dave, a secretary and another engineer.

Starting UpThe newly formed company was to be a Geotechnical Engineering based firm located in Centerville, Ohio. With Dave's experience and expertise in a myriad of engineering disciplines other than just straight Geotechnical Engineering, the foundation was set for CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. to become a company offering "More Than Geotechnical Engineering" by providing services that others simply did not. As the company has grown over the last 15 years adding experience and talented engineers to Dave's expertise, today CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. offers services to a broad range of markets and clients. CBC serves the Mining Industry from mine permitting to impoundment and slurry cell design to annual and quarterly inspections. We service local Commercial, Residential and School Development with site inspection, Geotechnical Engineering, drilling and soils testing lab. CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. offers Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments across many markets that we serve from Coal to Commercial development. CBC is a knowledgeable engineering company on the subject of Buried Flexible Culvert / Bridge design, site observation, evaluation, load rating and remediation.

Dave and Al have surrounded themselves with very talented engineers in various disciplines of engineering in order to provide this broad range of services. Today CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. has four office locations across three states. With Offices in Centerville, Ohio, Lexington, Kentucky, Hazard, Kentucky and Hurricane, West Virginia, the CBC family stands ready to solve your problems related to our wide areas of expertise.

CBC Mobile Drill Rig

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. Grows

By late 1995 and early 1996 CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. was in great need of talented personnel to join the business. The first to join the CBC team was David Hunt as a young CAD draftsman. Next to join was Angie Van as the new administrative assistant while CBC's original secretary retired. Next to join was Mitchell Hardert as an engineering co-op from the University of Dayton, and finally next came John Corda, a Senior Geotechnical engineer and P.E., as well as a few field technicians. 
Nearly 15 years later David, Angie, Mitchell, John, Dave, Al and many of the field technicians are still here creating the cornerstone for those that have been hired since. Today Mitchell is a registered Professional Engineer in many states and ascended to the role of Chief Engineer of CBC across all four offices. David has become a Senior CAD Designer with other CAD draftsmen working under him and John continues to deliver his quality engineering across many disciplines while training the young engineers that have been hired over the years.

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. was ready to expand geographically in the early 2000's with acquisitions and the addition of key personnel and services. In February of 2001 CBC acquired the two offices of Robert Ray and Associates in Lexington and Hazard Kentucky. These offices added much needed personnel, expertise and horsepower to the existing knowledge setting the stage for the next generation of CBC in the Mining Industry. These offices specialize in all mine permitting, surveying, site observation, and design of both impoundments and slurry cells.

In March of 2001, CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. hired Mr. Ed Galaska as a Senior Environmental Scientist to add Environmental Engineering services to the company. Since then Ed has become the Manager of the Environmental engineering business as it has grown across many of the markets that we serve. Keeping with the idea of adding services, in February of 2003 CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. acquired Dayton Testing Labs operations and assets including a drill rig. CBC has since purchased a second drill rig and has integrated these services into the Centerville, Ohio location.

By 2004, the Kentucky offices had grown to the point that managing them daily from Centerville became difficult. So to remedy this problem each office today  handles all  daily management internally to each location with oversight by Al and Dave. Mark Summers in the Lexington office and Tony Bowling in the Hazard office handle these responsibilities. In April of 2005 CBC Engineers & Associates, Inc. opened a new office in Hurricane, West Virginia in which Mike Cross and Chad Reed manage the daily operation under the watchful eye of Dave Cowherd.

In October, 2010, CBC Engineers and Associates, Ltd. promoted David Hinkle to Kentucky Coal Technical Services Advisor, in order to  promote continuity with both Kentucky offices and our clients. David's vast 25 year experience in the Kentucky Coal Mining business and his master's in Mining Engineering from the University of Kentucky made him a best choice for this role.

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. Poised for Additional Growth

Although nothing is taken for granted at CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd., our diverse Engineering and Service offerings, not to mention our Client loyalty, has allowed CBC to weather current economic downturn in the economy. CBC is so very grateful for all the hard work of their employees and truly blessed by our Client patronage. We at CBC are looking forward to a steady finish in 2010.


We see our future growth coming from several different markets which are poised to explode in the near future as federal funds fuel  the construction and infrastructure segments and the slow housing and commercial markets rebound. Energy generation will continue to be an important industry regardless of the tighter regulations. So we see the key to our growth in anticipating what market segments will recover or get funded first. There is much to be excited about as CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. looks forward to 2011 including the start of year 16 of operation.

Mining Services

Small Bridge / Culvert Design & Inspection Services 

Environmental Services 

Field Inspection Services 

Land Development Services

Personnel of CBC Engineers and Associates, Ltd. are licensed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. We do work literally all over the country. Thank you for visiting our site.


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